Monday, October 31, 2005

Book 'I'm Every Woman' by Lonnae O'Neal Parker

Came across an exceptional essay on black female sexuality this morning at Washington Post online, written by Style section reporter Lonnae O'Neal Parker. The piece starts off with O'Neal Parker painting a too-familiar landscape of female sexuality in her colorful immediate family, starring her:

  • Enviable, sex-pot, knows-how-to-work-it Aunt Jackie at the epicenter
  • Deeply offended granny, who admonished Clarence Thomas during his Anita Hill period, saying "What make it so bad, he was talkin' about havin' URRRL sex!"
  • Razor-sharp historical insights, touching none too lightly on the Hottentot Venus, the rape and breeding of black women during slavery and much more.
But alas, O'Neal Parker says she's finally put it all together and now has a secret sauce of her own that works wonders in her marriage, citing bluesy lines from Jill Scott. Hint: this may involve cooking collard greens and lots of sensuous lip lickin'.

To promote her forthcoming book, I'm Every Woman: Remixed Stories of Marriage, Motherhood and Work, O'Neal Parker chats live at 1 p.m. today at

Seems like she's got a winner for modern girls in the making. As they say in the movie, this essay was so entertaining and on-target, Lonnae O'Neal Parker "had me at hello."


Sunday, October 30, 2005

Hot Tea: Sunday's Best of the Gay Web (vol. 1)

Since we've "fallen back" and gained an hour, I've decided to throw a little Sunday afternoon gay TeaFest -- an out there round-up, push me/pull me all about time. A few steps backs in time, a few steps forward toward the new year. So here we go, Halloween hags and haggathas. Hold onto your... ahem.

THE hottest 2006 calendar is Provocateur Black, which features month-to-month luxury, pull-up-to-the-bumper in long black limosine style. Time, she is a-ticking. Year 2006 will be here in a flash. Can't W84AD8? Well, get the steamy calendar called Provocateur 2006 Black and have it anytime you want it, year-round.

Annie Lennox and Dave Stuart of Eurythmics hit the music scene hard with the Ultimate Collection, a new CD debuting early November. Eveyone's favorite androgynous noveau girl, Annie Lennox of Eurythmics, and her ex-other drop Ultimate Collection on November 8. The disc will include two new songs plus classics such as Would I Lie to You, Who's That Girl, and Missionary Man... That last one alone should do the trick for some of us. And some of us not.

Pre-order now this Special Edition new Madonna, due out December 13. Oh, you know how our girl Madonna does it: all big and hot and fresh to death. Her next will be no different. Due out December 13, Madonna's all-dance, no-ballad Confessions On A Dance Floor also offers this Special Edition CD of spanking new material plus a 40 Page Picture Book, 80 Page Blank 'Journal' Book (includes some diary entries from Madonna), 1 Bonus Track, and Fan Club Membership. Now this is the popular gift that'll break poor Santa's back this holiday season.

Last but not least, looks like we missed a fab, Helluva-ween party last night in Rotterdam at the Cruise Terminal, where graf artist P. Villerius live painted the world this awesome hot, haunted hello: Free Image Hosting at


Friday, October 28, 2005

New York Times on 'Odd Couple' with Nathan Lane

Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick star in Broadway's newly premiered play, The Odd Couple.How could it be? The brilliant duo from The Producers -- Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick -- aren't getting equally dazzling reviews about their new Broadway play, The Odd Couple. Sounds like in an effort not to typecast our beloved Starina's day persona -- gay man on South Beach -- they've just gone unnatural with the casting. Nathan plays the slob; Matthew, the anal-retentive. Huh? Perhaps this is why the New York Times says this:

"Mr. Broderick often comes across as a dead man walking. Wiping plates, plumping cushions or spritzing air freshener, he seems less obsessive than robotic...

But Mr. Lane is by nature a Broadway baby, and his line readings are sometimes frilled with self-parodyingly showbizzy flourishes. And while he wears his slob's costumes with an appropriate Neanderthal slouch, when this Oscar spiffs up, for work or to impress the ladies, he turns into a well-groomed clotheshorse despite himself. (He might make an excellent Felix.)"
Nonetheless, I hear the show's sold out through April. Let's hope the audience doesn't leave the theater feeling the need for a 'Pirin tablet.

Guess you can tell I'm a YOOOGE fan of The Bird Cage. If you are, too, click this
for a few laughs out loud.


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Listen here: Grace Jones Fan Radio at Yahoo

I'm partying right now with Grace Jones and a few other favorite Disco Club Goddesses. Wanna hang out and party, too? Just grab a cocktail and turn up the volume once you click here: Grace Jones Fan Radio at Yahoo's Music LAUNCHcast

Playlist includes:
  • Use Me by Grace Jones
  • Tell Me Something Good (live) by Rufus featuring Chaka Khan
  • I've Lost Control by Grace Jones
  • Last Night a DJ Saved My Life by Indeep
  • Love Saw It by Karyn White & Baby Face

By the way, if you're up for a quick getaway soon, here's a hot one in the U.K. where Grace Jones will serve as the headline performer.

Grace Jones to appear at Pride
Pride Reunion organisers have confirmed that Grace Jones, legendary style diva and gay icon, will be performing at this year’s event taking place between 18-21st November 2005. Partygoers to the event will get the opportunity to see the disco goddess up close and personal performing her major hits including the dance floor classic “Pull Up to the Bumper”.“Grace Jones was top of our wish-list for this event, so we are absolutely thrilled to have secured this international legend” said event organiser, David Hill. Ms Jones will appear on the Sunday evening finale, following a weekend crammed full of top-notch entertainment.Major pop acts, top DJs and the coolest club brands will be at the event, helping the organisers raise considerable funds for regional Pride charities.

I believe the event is in Brighton. Do click the link under the header for more details. There's lots more to it!

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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Margaret Cho: New book from a blood-thirsty sister

My favorite Korean-American sister in the struggle -- the Notorious C.H.O. -- is at back with a brand new book: I Have Chosen to Stay and Fight. If you don't know comedian Margaret Cho's phenomenal work, you are missing the blessing of laughter to tears.Comedian Margaret Cho has authored a new book. Click photo for reviews and explore other Margaret Cho work, such as her extraordinary DVD, I'm the One That I Want. A classic, killer work of comedic art!Margaret's new tome features her blog entries and other insightful fodder. All brilliant wit, no doubt, with absolutely no fear. This, she even speaks to in this interview:
Interviewer: Has there ever been a point when you felt you may have gone too far?

Margaret Cho: (laughs, the first time her slightly wicked personality comes out) Oh no! I mean, I’m sure its happened. But I don’t think I’ve ever really felt it. I just really don’t care about stuff that deeply. To me, the moment on stage is so transitory and fleeting, once it’s done, I don’t worry about it.

Interviewer: I remember the San Diego hotel incident (Margaret was hired to do a benefit for a group of Republican hotel owners. She didn’t know who they were, and they didn’t know who she was). They turned your mic off and stopped payment on your check. How has that affected the sort of jobs you take?

Margaret Cho: Oh, I don’t really care one way or the other, but I think the people who work with me are more careful. To me, go ahead and send me on those shows. I find it interesting. You know, even though most of those people didn’t agree with what I was saying, they were still laughing, but they were more laughing in spite of themselves, which I thought was hilarious.
No way! The Notorious C.H.O. was hired to entertain a group of Republicans? LOL!! Someone's head surely rolled for that one. That's a faux pas worse than bringing Chris Rock and Richard Pryor together at the White House.

Still, by the time Cho embarked on one of her explicit gay-friendly, gay club partying rants, there couldn't have been a dry eye in the house. Not even in the House of Bush.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Iman's new beauty how-to has red carpet appeal

Grace Jones wasn't the first fashion model to break the color barrier, but she is arguably the one who pulled out the stops, blazing a wonderfully outrageous path for the Tyson Beckfords, Tyra Banks', and even the ultra-sleek ones like Iman.

Which is why the stars seemed to have fallen from the heavens Tuesday evening to celebrate the arrival of her new book, Beauty of Color.
Click photo to read about one section of Iman's beauty book, which shows how to get the look -- from Ghetto Fab to So Fresh So Clean. Filled with gorgeous photos of well-known faces (Salma Hayek, Tyra Banks, Ling) and real women makeovers on teens to women over 50. Beauty of Color is fun and flirty with a confidential, insider feel.
Hosted by Naomi Campbell, the soiree/press event at Cipriani's in NYC was attended by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Wesley Snipes, Star Jones Reynolds, and of course Iman's rockstar husband, David Bowie.

As reported by
EURweb, another fashion diva -- Andre Leon Talley -- said this of the twinkling affair, while standing on the zebra-striped "red carpet": "I'm here because Iman has always been and always will be one of the great iconic beauties of our world." And Talley, Vogue's flamboyant editor-at-large, knows a thing or two about beauty, as further evidenced in his breath-taking coffeetable stunner, A.L.T. 365:Do not miss Andre Leon Talley's flawless coffeetable masterpiece, A.L.T. 365+, showcases the discerning oevre of Vogue's fashion editor-at-large through a scrapbook of pictures and haute couture thoughts.
Smartly, Iman's book, Beauty of Color, doesn't divide women's looks by race or ethnicity. Rather, it focuses on the various shades of color found among ethnic females around the world.

Clearly, Iman's isn't just a tome of pretty faces, but a book chocked with useful tools and secret weapons. And who better to get beauty scoop from? This Somali-born gem doesn't appear to have aged one millesecond in decades. Don't know about you, but that's definitely "the look" I'm going for...

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Supermodel Tyson Beckford tells Oprah of auto accident

Supermodel Tyson Beckford is the remarkable face of Ralph Lauren's Polo lineSpeaking yesterday of gorgeous models (re: Tyra Banks), today's F.S.G.H. (i.e., Fabulous Specimen Grabbing Headlines) is to-die-for Tyson Beckford, who appeared on Oprah today. The teary-eyed Ralph Lauren Polo hunk talked about the horrible auto accident he experienced in June in New Jersey, which could easily have ended his career -- not to mention his life.

Tyson divulged to Oprah that he'd bizarrely thought about just staying put in his pick-up truck once it happened, despite seeing flames around him and the hood being flipped up on the windshield. But something told him it wasn't his time to go; he had to fight to get out. It seemed to him that God waited for him to clear the vehicle because the moment he did, a series of explosions erupted, sending flames towering higher than the nearby street lamps. What apparently hurt the model-turned-occasional actor most, though, was the other driver having left the scene. Who would do something so callous, even to a stray dog?

Tyson has a sexy, rugged role in Zoolander, starring Ben Stiller.  What a fun movie!Biker Boyz is another flick in which supermodel Tyson Beckford demonstrates his acting chops -- this time in an action role.

Gorgeous chin up, Tyson. You're still here and in perfect shape to carry on. Just more mature and newly appreciative of the importance of celebrating every second of your life.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Tyra Banks tells a not-so-Victorian secret

Supermodel Tyra Banks to exit stage right on Victoria's Secret soon. "Say it ain't so," Tyra Banks fans everywhere are crying. Guess we won't be seeing this "bankable" supermodel strike any poses quite like this catty one of Grace Jones's (see sidebar, behind bars). Tyra's saying night-night to her lucrative deal as a secret sex kitten.

Tyra Banks naturally stole the show in Coyote Ugly, proving she's quite the actress, too. Click here for the DVD and reviewes.

Here's Tyra's big scoop, according to EURweb:

TYRA TO WORK HER LAST VICTORIA'S SECRET CATWALK: Supermodel's runway swansong airs Dec. 6 on CBS.

"With two television shows to host and executive produce, who has time to sell underwear anymore? Tyra Banks, the supermodel who became the first African-American woman to model for Victoria's Secret, will participate in her last fashion show for the lingerie company in a special that airs Dec. 6 on CBS.

Banks has found ratings success as an executive producer and host of the reality show "America's Next Top Model" and "The Tyra Banks Show," her daytime chat program that is giving Martha Stewart's morning show a run for its money.
The softer side of Tyra still always shows plenty of the attitude America loves in its top models. Last year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was canceled by CBS in the wake of the FCC's crackdown on indecency following Janet Jackson's Super Bowl incident. This year's show will feature a holiday theme with red carpet interviews and musical performances, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of the world's biggest lingerie display."
Never mind, Tyra, about those messy Jackson scandals. You've more than made up for that lost opportunity: You seem to have America's Next Top TV Personality written in your life's book, a la Oprah Winfrey.

Proving she's a helluva lot more than beautiful skin-deep, Tyra Banks authored this beauty guide for girl and does a fine job of talking self-esteem in ways that people of any age need to read.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Halloween a la Paradise Garage

Want the maximum possible fun this Halloween? I promise you won't stop twirrrrling, once these legendary DJs -- including Larry Levan, Frankie Knuckles, and Joey Negro -- drop the needle on these smoking Paradise Garage flavored CDs.

Joey Negro's Disco Spectrum include colorful classics like Bourgie Bourgie and Feel ItWhether yours is a party for two, twenty or two-hundred, click here to discover a delicious world of huge-hit Disco and House bootie-clappers:
House & Disco for Halloween

Loleatta Holloway's Queen of the Night will whisk you away to Planet Soul with Love Sensation, Gotta Be #1, and Ride On Time
Get these classics now and you can devote the little planning left before Halloween pulling together that smashing costume... By the way who are you "going as" this year? Clarice? Dr. Lechter? Maybe Buffalo Bill?

(Just don't hurt my goddamn dog!)

Friday, October 14, 2005

Elton John on Kate Moss, and on "The" Couch

This comprehensive biography, titled His Song, is the one Elton John tome that delves not only into the singer-composer's flamboyant life, but deconstructs every track the man has ever made!  For the ultimate Sir EJ fan. Learn more about this tome, published in 2001, by clicking photo.Ever-fabulous Sir Elton John went on record this week, saying he was happy that super model Kate Moss was caught taking drugs, because it forced her into rehab. Kate, shown here a while ago with another superb model, Grace Jones, is in treatment in Arizona.Grace Jones and model Kate Moss, who recently made headline news for cocaine

Elton's also speaking candidly of bouts with his own addictive demons. Not only does he say more about Kate and others in this
article, he takes a turn this weekend in everyone's favorite tell-all chair... No, I don't mean that celebrity tear-stained couch of Oprah's. I'm talking Inside the Actor's Studio.

Is your music collection devoid of an essential Elton John CD?  Just click this photo to wade through his musical world, hear samples, read CD reviews, and buy the Best of Elton John at a price. To catch Elton John laying it out in lavender, as only he can do, click to Bravo here, or check your local television listings.

Elton's guaranteed to give that star-studded chair Inside the Actor's Studio one helluva romp. Hard to imagine the show's host, James Lipton, containing himself as usual with Sir EJ in the house. Perhaps they'll throw on matching boas and let us have a torchy duet at the piano.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Lil' Kim: The New Grace Jones?

Lil Kim's new CD, Naked Truth, is burning up the charts. In fact, most believe it's her best album yet.You must admit, when looking at today's pop culture landscape in search of an icon with the same joie de vie as Grace Jones, only Lil' Kim comes close.
At four-eleven, there's practically an entire body length less of Lil Kim than there is of Grace Jones, but their undeniable body imagery has nearly equal impact in their respective music worlds.
There are noteable differences in their personal statements and
styles, to be sure. But in the category of Body as Canvas, the Queen Bee qualifies unlike any of her contemporaries.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Keith Haring's "Pop Shop" closes

Speaking recently of Keith Haring, the pop artist who's credited with executing the brilliant nude body art on Grace Jones in the eighties, his landmark Pop Shop in New York recently closed: astronomical rent. But there's a massive undertaking underway to preserve the tens of thousands of square inches of priceless art that Haring completed before his death in 1990. Much of it integrated within the Pop Shop's very infrastructure.

Pop culture artist Keith Haring
Julia Gruen, executive director of the Keith Haring Foundation, told New York magazine this of the sad occasion, and the daunting task of preserving his treasures:

It’ll cost “between $20,000 and $40,000 just to extract the ceiling,” Gruen said. “It’ll have to be cut into many pieces simply to get it out the door.” After it’s gone, the ceiling will be stored in a warehouse, awaiting some final home that probably won’t be a Park Avenue apartment. Unlike Untitled #4, a 60-by-60-foot acrylic from 1988 that set a record for a Haring when it sold for $511,000 last year, “the market won’t treat this as something made with the intention of being a framed work on a wall,” says Cappellazzo. She dismisses the idea that it would be sold. “I hope it has a life in some place like the New-York Historical Society.

Drawing the Line, in DVD and VHS format, tells Keith Haring's remarkable story from a childhood in Kutztown, PA to the NYC, where he became art world darling Pop artist Keith Haring with one of his works. Haring, a fine quality paperback published by Taschen, is a top-selling biography on pop artist Keith Haring Brilliant book of Keith Haring posters, titled Short Messages, features a diverse mix of 100 of his best loved works.

Part of what made Haring's work so popular was its unabashed embrace of colorful subcultures -- skateboarders, Hip-hoppers, and the homosexual underground. As his popularity soared among these audiences, the more highbrow, Uptown art crowd had little choice than to recognize the Youth Quake he was generating.

Much like Andy Warhol, a cult figure artist with whom Haring's impact is frequently compared, Keith Haring opened the door and allowed real, contemporary life into his art. With ''the street'' in his work, he instantly made connections with the common audiences -- as opposed to the educated viewer. Such accessibility was also furthered by his POP SHOP in SoHo, New York, and later in Japan, which sold pieces of his 'commercial art' -- watches, T-shirts, posters, and other fun, affordable wearable art.

Link to Spike magazine story

Quotes about his work, in Haring's own words

Friday, October 07, 2005

Postcards from the Edge: Love, Grace Jones

“I travel for work and pleasure,” former model and gay club icon, Grace Jones, told a reporter in an interview prior to an appearance near Detroit. "I try to combine the two whenever I can. In the past year or so, I have been in some wild places like Bogota and Dubai, and am always in New York, Paris and London. A memorable recent trip was to Ibiza.”

What an exciting lifestyle the Disco Diva continues to live; what a remarkable journey, her life.

In tribute to some of the exotic places that have hosted her lately, today's post is postcard series, shining a spotlight on those hot travel locales Grace Jones mentioned: Bogota, Ibiza, and Dubai.

Top Bogota gay club along the strip of steamy nightclubs and gay bars visited by Grace Jones. Postcard from Bogota

It probably wasn't Halloween, but this Gay Parade reveler in Ibiza, a party capitol of the world, probably took the fun further at one of the plethora of dance clubs in Ibiza.  Then had breakfast at one of Ibiza's beautiful beaches. Postcard from Ibiza

Don't know if Grace Jones performed while in Dubai, but it doesn't have a gay-friendly reputation.  A dance club in Dubai was closed by authorities, once it was discovered that a drag queen DJ from London had performed there. Postcard from Dubai

Thanks for the postcards, Grace. Sure wish we'd been there, too!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Grace Jones: Memoirs of a Geisha

The upscale beauty product line Fresh has released a new line of cosmetics that tie in with the movie Memoirs of a Geisha.

How awesome might it have been for Fresh to get super "fresh" and use this famous Grace Jones "Geisha" face to promote the cosmetics line?

By the way, if you've not read Memoirs of a Geisha, it's a mesmeric and complex tale immersing the reader in that mysterious and exotic aspect of Japanese culture.

Memoirs of a Geisha, the New York Times best-seller book by Arthur Golden, soon hits the silver screen. Visit for book reviews and more info

There's also this fine, collectible pictorial that's been published, featuring scenes from the movie, which premieres on December 9. Titled Memoirs of a Geisha - Images From the Film, it's filled with absolutely dizzying images. Certainly as intriguing as images of a hot Geisha known as Grace.
The book Memoirs of a Geisha: Images from the Film features over 150 full-color photographs and drawings capturing the artistry and romance behind the exquisite new film from Rob Marshall, the director of the Oscar®-winning film Chicago, starring Ziyi Zhang (House of Flying Daggers) and Ken Watanabe (The Last Samurai).

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Grace Jones: Art with Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, Robert Mapplethorpe

Together, Grace Jones and the late artist Keith Haring created some of the most influential art of the times. A comprehensive story at takes a close look at their impact, and also explores Graces' work with Robert Mapplethorpe and Andy Warhol. Here's an excerpt that mentions her legendary performance to debut Slave to the Rhythm, which I'm proud to say I personally experienced...

The alternative art of the early 1980s was multicultural, urban, inclusive, and plugged into the dance club circuit of New York in which Grace Jones gained prominence. Keith Hating met Jones through Andy Warhol, who brought them together for a brief collaboration photographed by Robert Mapplethorpe. Then in 1985 Haring and Jones worked on two live performances at the Paradise Garage, which Robert Farris Thompson has called "an epicenter of black dance." Each time, Haring covered Jones's nude body with graffiti.
I've experienced little in life as breathtaking as that night. Morning, rather! To read my brief article on the moment, click the link in the sidebar, titled 5:00 a.m. and It's So Strange'.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Grace Jones at the Disco Museum

One of the most insightful write ups about Grace Jones can be found at, which chronicles the 1980s legend of the New York underground club scene so well, you can practically feel Andy Warhol's hair slapping you in the face while you read it.

Here's a snippet about Grace's Jamaican beginnings: is the spot for everything Grace Jones "Born Grace Mendoza on May 19, 1952 in Spanishtown, Jamaica, West Indies. Grace and her twin brother Christian grew up in a large family of established politicians and preachers. Her grand-uncle was a Bishop and her father was a Preacher, who left the island for America while Grace was still a baby. The twins grew up loved and protected, and yet outsiders, in a melange of aunts, uncles, siblings, and cousins. It was a lonely experience.

When Christian and Grace were teenagers they moved to America, joining their father who was then preaching in Syracuse, New York. Grace who had grown up a virtual 'wild child', free to do as she pleased, found herself in a middle-class world of shopping centers and drive-ins, of schools and rules.
"I never understood the rules," she said. "I can't behave. I don't know how to." She fought the system. She rebelled. She cursed. She wore Afros before they became fashionable, and she displayed her breasts long before nudity was acceptable undress. The locals regarded her as "a crazy girl." Her report cards described her as "socially sick."
Grace Jones photo at age 16. A rare beauty in the making
It's really a superb piece, providing an up-close view of Grace's role as Queen of the Dance Club and so much more. Be sure to check it out!

Viqi French

Monday, October 03, 2005

Grace Jones: New Film Noir

The filmography for Grace Jones boasts a substantial body of work in which Grace has starred or otherwise made her undeniable presence known:

Click for more info on Grace Jones in the film Shaka Zulu

The Singer & The Song (2003)
Blood Moon (2002)
Palmer's Pick-Up (1999)
McCinsey's Island (1997)
Cyber Bandits (1995)
Boomerang (1992)
Siesta (1987)
Straight to Hell (1987)
Vamp (1986)
Deadly Vengeance (1985)
A View to a Kill (1985)
Conan the Destroyer/Conan the Barbarian (1984/1981)
All-Star Reggae Session
Grace Jones - A One Man Show
Grace Jones - State of Grace
A Reggae Session
Shaka Zulu - The Last Great Warrior

Which of these do you think Grace's most important or impressive works, and why? Your comments are welcome. Just click the icon below and write about why you're a Grace Jones fan. Your comments will soon be posted in a special column!

Viqi French

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Grace Jones: The Ultimate Halloween Theme

It's that time of year, when Grace Jones fans from New York to Amsterdam to Los Angeles start planning extravagant Halloween costumes. Whether you're planning to celebrate the big night at a dance club or party at home with friends, why not do the unthinkable: have a Grace Jones Clones extravaganza?

If you've never watched Grace's One Man Show video, get it now. (You can get it here, in the Grace Jones Boutique.) Imagine the hysteria. You and a companion -- or an entire house full of friends -- done up all amazing like
Grace Jones as Strange' in Eddie Murphy's movie Boomerang.
Now that's a party!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Grace Jones In Films

Grace Jones movie may be in the works

Grace Jones, the former model, actor and Queen of the gay discos, has written a movie script about her life but she has a problem. Who can play her?

The six foot statuesque figure has made a fortune from her unique image. And trying to find a good actor to match Jones's infamous looks makes getting the story to the big screen more challenging.

Order these cult classics featuring Grace to delight in the frenzy and sizzle she has always brought to the silver screen:

Grace Jones stars in Vamp, get movie on DVD or VHS from Grace Jones is one of over dozen cult celebs in Pee-wee's Playhouse Christmas
Grace Jones, warrior bitch, in Conan the Barbarian In Boomerang, Grace Jones plays Strange', a stellar role with her the head cunt in charge of Eddie Murphy's perfume ad account

A story of Grace Jones would indeed make a great cinematic event. Born Grace Mendoza in Jamaica in 1952, her androgynous look first found her fame on the catwalks of Paris as a model.

The image combined with tribal beats came about when Island Records founder Chris Blackwell signed her to his record label. Although her first three albums gave her cult status, particularly in New York, it was 1980's 'Warm Leatherette' which introduced her to a more mainstream audience. That record featured covers of songs by Bryan Ferry (Love Is The Drug), The Pretenders (Private Life) and Tom Petty (Breakdown).

Her next album capitalized on the formula with a cover from The Police (Demolition Man) and Australia's own Vanda and Young (Walking In The Rain). The single from that album 'Pull Up To The Bumper" also gave her a bona-fide Top 40 hit.

Next came acting. Although she previously had a small role in Governor Arnie's 'Conan The Barbarian' it was her role as the villain May Day in the Bond movie 'A View To A Kill' when critics finally took serious notice.

So, back to the original question … who can play Grace Jones? The search continues.

Grace Jones: Firey Goddess

Grace's latest infamous tirade occurred in April 2005:

Grace Jones attacks manager of a Eurostar train

Actress and singer Grace Jones had to be escorted off a Eurostar train by police in Kent after allegedly attacking a train manager, it was revealed today.

Still of Grace Jones from James Bond film, A View to a Kill

The 56-year-old star was reported by passengers to have grabbed the female manager's arm and sworn at her in French and English in a row over a ticket upgrade.

The 39-year-old train manager, who has not yet been named, contacted British Transport Police (BTP) who came aboard the Paris to London train when it reached a scheduled stop at Ashford last night.

The train was held up for 15 minutes as Jamaican-born Jones, who starred in the James Bond film A View To A Kill, refused to move. Image Hosted by ImageShack.usEventually she was taken off the train by three BTP officers. Later, her personal assistant arrived by car and drove her to London.

The incident began when Jones, who had boarded the 7.43pm train in Paris with a first-class ticket, moved into the premium class area. Eurostar communications director Paul Charles said: "Grace Jones was challenged by the train manager and was told that, as she did not have a premium class ticket, she would have to pay for an upgrade.

"She said she had no money and refused to move. Passengers told us that she was arguing and verbally abusing the train manager. She then attacked the manager, grabbing her arm.

"A male catering assistant managed to separate the two women and tried to calm Ms. Jones down." Free Image Hosting at

Jones would have paid about £300 for a first-class return ticket. A one-way premium upgrade would have cost her an additional £70. Mr Charles said: "We are not pressing charges but we will not tolerate any verbal or physical abuse from anyone against passengers or staff on Eurostar.

Jones has a reputation for fiery behaviour. In the Eighties TV viewers saw her attack chatshow host Russell Harty on live TV when she objected to his turning away from her to talk to another guest.

Grace Jones: Slave to the rhythm

This is your life. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

This is your life with Grace Jones:

Any questions?

Grace's quote:
"Men are terrified of me. I can easily step into the man's shoes, and that puts the man in a position where he has to become the female. That's what sets off the tension. But my image is supposed to frighten men -- so only the good ones come through."

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