Monday, October 31, 2005

Book 'I'm Every Woman' by Lonnae O'Neal Parker

Came across an exceptional essay on black female sexuality this morning at Washington Post online, written by Style section reporter Lonnae O'Neal Parker. The piece starts off with O'Neal Parker painting a too-familiar landscape of female sexuality in her colorful immediate family, starring her:

  • Enviable, sex-pot, knows-how-to-work-it Aunt Jackie at the epicenter
  • Deeply offended granny, who admonished Clarence Thomas during his Anita Hill period, saying "What make it so bad, he was talkin' about havin' URRRL sex!"
  • Razor-sharp historical insights, touching none too lightly on the Hottentot Venus, the rape and breeding of black women during slavery and much more.
But alas, O'Neal Parker says she's finally put it all together and now has a secret sauce of her own that works wonders in her marriage, citing bluesy lines from Jill Scott. Hint: this may involve cooking collard greens and lots of sensuous lip lickin'.

To promote her forthcoming book, I'm Every Woman: Remixed Stories of Marriage, Motherhood and Work, O'Neal Parker chats live at 1 p.m. today at

Seems like she's got a winner for modern girls in the making. As they say in the movie, this essay was so entertaining and on-target, Lonnae O'Neal Parker "had me at hello."



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