Friday, October 14, 2005

Elton John on Kate Moss, and on "The" Couch

This comprehensive biography, titled His Song, is the one Elton John tome that delves not only into the singer-composer's flamboyant life, but deconstructs every track the man has ever made!  For the ultimate Sir EJ fan. Learn more about this tome, published in 2001, by clicking photo.Ever-fabulous Sir Elton John went on record this week, saying he was happy that super model Kate Moss was caught taking drugs, because it forced her into rehab. Kate, shown here a while ago with another superb model, Grace Jones, is in treatment in Arizona.Grace Jones and model Kate Moss, who recently made headline news for cocaine

Elton's also speaking candidly of bouts with his own addictive demons. Not only does he say more about Kate and others in this
article, he takes a turn this weekend in everyone's favorite tell-all chair... No, I don't mean that celebrity tear-stained couch of Oprah's. I'm talking Inside the Actor's Studio.

Is your music collection devoid of an essential Elton John CD?  Just click this photo to wade through his musical world, hear samples, read CD reviews, and buy the Best of Elton John at a price. To catch Elton John laying it out in lavender, as only he can do, click to Bravo here, or check your local television listings.

Elton's guaranteed to give that star-studded chair Inside the Actor's Studio one helluva romp. Hard to imagine the show's host, James Lipton, containing himself as usual with Sir EJ in the house. Perhaps they'll throw on matching boas and let us have a torchy duet at the piano.


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