Sunday, October 30, 2005

Hot Tea: Sunday's Best of the Gay Web (vol. 1)

Since we've "fallen back" and gained an hour, I've decided to throw a little Sunday afternoon gay TeaFest -- an out there round-up, push me/pull me all about time. A few steps backs in time, a few steps forward toward the new year. So here we go, Halloween hags and haggathas. Hold onto your... ahem.

THE hottest 2006 calendar is Provocateur Black, which features month-to-month luxury, pull-up-to-the-bumper in long black limosine style. Time, she is a-ticking. Year 2006 will be here in a flash. Can't W84AD8? Well, get the steamy calendar called Provocateur 2006 Black and have it anytime you want it, year-round.

Annie Lennox and Dave Stuart of Eurythmics hit the music scene hard with the Ultimate Collection, a new CD debuting early November. Eveyone's favorite androgynous noveau girl, Annie Lennox of Eurythmics, and her ex-other drop Ultimate Collection on November 8. The disc will include two new songs plus classics such as Would I Lie to You, Who's That Girl, and Missionary Man... That last one alone should do the trick for some of us. And some of us not.

Pre-order now this Special Edition new Madonna, due out December 13. Oh, you know how our girl Madonna does it: all big and hot and fresh to death. Her next will be no different. Due out December 13, Madonna's all-dance, no-ballad Confessions On A Dance Floor also offers this Special Edition CD of spanking new material plus a 40 Page Picture Book, 80 Page Blank 'Journal' Book (includes some diary entries from Madonna), 1 Bonus Track, and Fan Club Membership. Now this is the popular gift that'll break poor Santa's back this holiday season.

Last but not least, looks like we missed a fab, Helluva-ween party last night in Rotterdam at the Cruise Terminal, where graf artist P. Villerius live painted the world this awesome hot, haunted hello: Free Image Hosting at



Anonymous b.c.c. said...

hot calendar. tasteful and tasty.

November 12, 2005  

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