Friday, October 21, 2005

Iman's new beauty how-to has red carpet appeal

Grace Jones wasn't the first fashion model to break the color barrier, but she is arguably the one who pulled out the stops, blazing a wonderfully outrageous path for the Tyson Beckfords, Tyra Banks', and even the ultra-sleek ones like Iman.

Which is why the stars seemed to have fallen from the heavens Tuesday evening to celebrate the arrival of her new book, Beauty of Color.
Click photo to read about one section of Iman's beauty book, which shows how to get the look -- from Ghetto Fab to So Fresh So Clean. Filled with gorgeous photos of well-known faces (Salma Hayek, Tyra Banks, Ling) and real women makeovers on teens to women over 50. Beauty of Color is fun and flirty with a confidential, insider feel.
Hosted by Naomi Campbell, the soiree/press event at Cipriani's in NYC was attended by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Wesley Snipes, Star Jones Reynolds, and of course Iman's rockstar husband, David Bowie.

As reported by
EURweb, another fashion diva -- Andre Leon Talley -- said this of the twinkling affair, while standing on the zebra-striped "red carpet": "I'm here because Iman has always been and always will be one of the great iconic beauties of our world." And Talley, Vogue's flamboyant editor-at-large, knows a thing or two about beauty, as further evidenced in his breath-taking coffeetable stunner, A.L.T. 365:Do not miss Andre Leon Talley's flawless coffeetable masterpiece, A.L.T. 365+, showcases the discerning oevre of Vogue's fashion editor-at-large through a scrapbook of pictures and haute couture thoughts.
Smartly, Iman's book, Beauty of Color, doesn't divide women's looks by race or ethnicity. Rather, it focuses on the various shades of color found among ethnic females around the world.

Clearly, Iman's isn't just a tome of pretty faces, but a book chocked with useful tools and secret weapons. And who better to get beauty scoop from? This Somali-born gem doesn't appear to have aged one millesecond in decades. Don't know about you, but that's definitely "the look" I'm going for...


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