Saturday, October 22, 2005

Margaret Cho: New book from a blood-thirsty sister

My favorite Korean-American sister in the struggle -- the Notorious C.H.O. -- is at back with a brand new book: I Have Chosen to Stay and Fight. If you don't know comedian Margaret Cho's phenomenal work, you are missing the blessing of laughter to tears.Comedian Margaret Cho has authored a new book. Click photo for reviews and explore other Margaret Cho work, such as her extraordinary DVD, I'm the One That I Want. A classic, killer work of comedic art!Margaret's new tome features her blog entries and other insightful fodder. All brilliant wit, no doubt, with absolutely no fear. This, she even speaks to in this interview:
Interviewer: Has there ever been a point when you felt you may have gone too far?

Margaret Cho: (laughs, the first time her slightly wicked personality comes out) Oh no! I mean, I’m sure its happened. But I don’t think I’ve ever really felt it. I just really don’t care about stuff that deeply. To me, the moment on stage is so transitory and fleeting, once it’s done, I don’t worry about it.

Interviewer: I remember the San Diego hotel incident (Margaret was hired to do a benefit for a group of Republican hotel owners. She didn’t know who they were, and they didn’t know who she was). They turned your mic off and stopped payment on your check. How has that affected the sort of jobs you take?

Margaret Cho: Oh, I don’t really care one way or the other, but I think the people who work with me are more careful. To me, go ahead and send me on those shows. I find it interesting. You know, even though most of those people didn’t agree with what I was saying, they were still laughing, but they were more laughing in spite of themselves, which I thought was hilarious.
No way! The Notorious C.H.O. was hired to entertain a group of Republicans? LOL!! Someone's head surely rolled for that one. That's a faux pas worse than bringing Chris Rock and Richard Pryor together at the White House.

Still, by the time Cho embarked on one of her explicit gay-friendly, gay club partying rants, there couldn't have been a dry eye in the house. Not even in the House of Bush.


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