Friday, October 28, 2005

New York Times on 'Odd Couple' with Nathan Lane

Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick star in Broadway's newly premiered play, The Odd Couple.How could it be? The brilliant duo from The Producers -- Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick -- aren't getting equally dazzling reviews about their new Broadway play, The Odd Couple. Sounds like in an effort not to typecast our beloved Starina's day persona -- gay man on South Beach -- they've just gone unnatural with the casting. Nathan plays the slob; Matthew, the anal-retentive. Huh? Perhaps this is why the New York Times says this:

"Mr. Broderick often comes across as a dead man walking. Wiping plates, plumping cushions or spritzing air freshener, he seems less obsessive than robotic...

But Mr. Lane is by nature a Broadway baby, and his line readings are sometimes frilled with self-parodyingly showbizzy flourishes. And while he wears his slob's costumes with an appropriate Neanderthal slouch, when this Oscar spiffs up, for work or to impress the ladies, he turns into a well-groomed clotheshorse despite himself. (He might make an excellent Felix.)"
Nonetheless, I hear the show's sold out through April. Let's hope the audience doesn't leave the theater feeling the need for a 'Pirin tablet.

Guess you can tell I'm a YOOOGE fan of The Bird Cage. If you are, too, click this
for a few laughs out loud.



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