Friday, October 07, 2005

Postcards from the Edge: Love, Grace Jones

“I travel for work and pleasure,” former model and gay club icon, Grace Jones, told a reporter in an interview prior to an appearance near Detroit. "I try to combine the two whenever I can. In the past year or so, I have been in some wild places like Bogota and Dubai, and am always in New York, Paris and London. A memorable recent trip was to Ibiza.”

What an exciting lifestyle the Disco Diva continues to live; what a remarkable journey, her life.

In tribute to some of the exotic places that have hosted her lately, today's post is postcard series, shining a spotlight on those hot travel locales Grace Jones mentioned: Bogota, Ibiza, and Dubai.

Top Bogota gay club along the strip of steamy nightclubs and gay bars visited by Grace Jones. Postcard from Bogota

It probably wasn't Halloween, but this Gay Parade reveler in Ibiza, a party capitol of the world, probably took the fun further at one of the plethora of dance clubs in Ibiza.  Then had breakfast at one of Ibiza's beautiful beaches. Postcard from Ibiza

Don't know if Grace Jones performed while in Dubai, but it doesn't have a gay-friendly reputation.  A dance club in Dubai was closed by authorities, once it was discovered that a drag queen DJ from London had performed there. Postcard from Dubai

Thanks for the postcards, Grace. Sure wish we'd been there, too!


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