Friday, November 18, 2005

Eyebrows raised: Victoria's Secret & 50 Cent in GQ

The 14th annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show took place mid-week, in preparation for the December 6 broadcast on CBS. There must have been more than a few whispers, though... Mrs. Seal -- Heidi Klum -- appeared to have needed a few more months of body sculpting post-child before hitting the runway. And Tyra Banks, who makes this her last trot for Victoria's Secret given her TV show successes, looked a bit like her thighs couldn't have agreed more.
But the biotch with the killingest walk on the planet did not disappoint... You're still the WMD, blowing up all runways, Miss Naomi Campbell.
Supermodel Naomi Campbell's turn on a catwalk is always akin to watching Michael Jordan play basketball: Sheer perfection floating above it all.
Diddy loves this man, no?First Diddy shows mad love for designer Zac Posen. Now 50 Cent raises the eyebrows of those with an alleged nose for all things gay.
Now that this photo has emerged, one of the the music world's most recent gay-intolerant spokemen is himself being called out by his peeps.The rapper turned movie star, profiled as GQ's Man of the Year in the December issue, threw a diva tantrum because his trailer at the MTV Awards was without air conditioning.

"They don’t do this to Madonna!” Fiddy is quoted saying in the GQ article, and I suppose he's absolutely right. Probably because Madonna has thrown the exact same bitch-fit for some similar discomfort.

Talk show guru Dr. Phil says "you teach people how to treat you." Well, MTV now has an advanced degree in making a happy dollar and 50 cent.


Shout out to Anna Nicole Smith. Watched the piece about you on 20/20 last night, and hope you win your Supreme Court battle in January. A lesser woman would have given up on half of that $1.6 billion by now. But not you. Near-billionairres to be, Anna Nicole Smith, pleads here case to the Supreme Court in January.Loved that you purchased your husband nose hair tweezers for Christmas. Oh, and a sexy portrait of you in a Santa Bikini Suit.

I don't know the law, but what seems right to me is this: The billionairre Mr. Marshall asked your hand in marriage, you accepted, you made this dying man VERY happy (on occasion). Hell, what did they expect of you? That you'd hang-out with a 90-year-old 24/7, watching him wheeze and sleep most of the time?

I guess once you plucked out those disgusting nose hairs, you didn't mind looking down at him -- getting his jolly jiggling. Nor yours -- spread eagle. But only a little, like this: What do you buy a billionaire who has everything?  Why, the ultimate Nose Tweezers for $4.98! It wasn't hard work, but I can imagine the kind of freak mentality it takes to "do it to death."

For your benevolence, you deserve that half a billion dollars plus an Oscar. You're fierce, girl. Get money!

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