Thursday, November 10, 2005

Face: Jonathan Plummer gives it on Oprah

Author Terry McMillan and her now gay ex, Jonathan Plummer, lit up Oprah's TV couch yesterday.Guess I'm late to the Mr. Terry McMillan party. Her man -- well, ex-man turned man's-man -- is gorgeous and I hadn't quite noticed until now. Terry's Jamaican Guy, Jonathan Plummer, joined her on Oprah's couch yesterday, and boy was it a hot mess! So much was going on, they barely mentioned her latest book, The Interruption of Everything.

Terry's body language was all over the place. She couldn't control her facial expressions, rolling her eyes and jerking her head at every syllable the man uttered. I mean, she has every right to be hurt and angry. But didn't the man do the right thing by finally speaking up about his "overnight gay transformation?" (Yeah right!)

What struck me more than anything, though, was the video of Jonathan standing on a balcony when the show was seguing to a commercial. Oh, he told Mr. DeMille he was ready for that close-up! Mr. McMillan's brows were flawlessly tweezed. And when he turned his head, he gave the camera Fierce Face...

Jonathan is clearly ready to either hit the drag balls, hit a career in XXX flicks, or just hit lots and lots of magic stick. I think Terry's got to let that go, and I don't just mean on paper, either. When she wasn't eye-rolling or glaring at him, her touchy-feely body language showed she's still very much attracted to him -- and I can see why! But he's clearly "finding himself" on the other side, is bursting all the way "out" of hetero L7.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

oops, i meant to comment here when i said he just not into terry. she should move on.

November 12, 2005  
Anonymous No Way J said...

I did not see this show, but as a huge fan of Terry McMillan's have been keeping up with the situation. Her ex sounds like a bit of an asshole. Thank God she has moved on.

What he thinks he did to deserve one cent of her money I will never know.

November 14, 2005  

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