Thursday, November 03, 2005

Margaret Cho knocks Gwen Stefani's Harajuku tie-in

Margaret Cho is unsettled by Stefani's exploitation of this Japanese street fashion trend. Gwen's got the fashion line, a camera and a group of Harajuku princessess touring with her. The funniest chick on the planet, Margaret Cho, recently blogged about not finding so funny Gwen Stefani's all-over-ness of the Japanese Harajuku street fashion style. In fact, she finds it offensive. Read Cho's comments here: Entertainment Weekly.

My introduction to the fad came thanks to Tyra Banks, whose challenge last season landed her Top Model wanna-bes in Tokyo's trendy Harajuku neighborhood. A
Gothic Lolita look is how this displeased writer of Asian heritage describes the look that Tyra's girls tried (miserably) to immulate.

Guess I was actually okay with it all -- the neo-punkish attitude of it -- until I learned that Gwen Stefani became the #1 Exporter of it. I don't get her... Who? What?? Why??? And When will the Stefani devoid-of-funk end? Here again, I feel Gwen's trying too hard to be The New Madonna, who received some flack when she brought Voguing out of the gay clubs and balls and into her video.

Anyway, don't know why in hell you'd want to, but to get the Harajuku look check it out here:
Tokyo Street Style. But for a fiercer Asian appreciation look, try this one that Grace Jones once gave us: Gay Goddess Grace Jones gave the world this famous Geisha face in the eighties.

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