Sunday, November 06, 2005

Sunday Tea Dance (vol. 2)

Here's a little Celestial Reasoning for this Sunday's Gay Tea Dance --

  • The art exhibit Ecstacy looks like a stoned trip.Those psychedelic faux friends in L.A. are doing hits again. Hits of tres contemporary art, that is. "Ecstacy" is the hot exhibit ticket in La-La-land. Looks like it's all the rave, a very trippy, altered space for sure.
  • Image Hosted by Some buy vowels; others buy raging female hormones. Armed with an AK-47 assault rifle and a 9 mm handgun, Leslie Ann Nelson, a transexual exotic dancer, killed two police officers during a 1995 standoff at her Haddon Heights, NJ home. At her upcoming sentencing trial, the lovely lady gets to legally represent herself. Here's hoping this woman's work is ever done well. After all, Leslie Ann recently was awarded Inmate of the Month by the NJ Corrections Dept., so maybe the diva can work her magic in court, too.
  • Click here for more about the new In Living Color DVD featuring season four. If you 1) loved Jamie Foxx as Wanda, 2) loved with two snaps in Z formation when Blaine grew excited about your favorite flick, and/or 3) would love to see J-Lo's booty-bounce as a Flyy Girl, then don't miss season four of In Living Color. It's all come out of the DVD closet and itching to get at you again.
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