Tuesday, November 08, 2005

We miss you Pepper Labeija

My friend E. and I love to chant this like attitudinal drag queens when we're tee-heeing over something scandalous : PEP-a LaBEY-ja, Pep-a-La-BEY-ja. You'll only get it if you know (and love) the brilliant documentary Paris Is Burning. If you missed it, it's the fierce 1991 flick about New York's underground black drag balls.
Paris is Burning - Get the DVD!
What has me thinking of Miss Pepper LaBeija, the ultimate mother of children of color, is this absolutely krazy blog entry by
Clay Cane, titled Looka Like A. Clay's posted the frightening look-alike photos of some of the more interesting celebrities -- Brandy, one of the tennis Williams sisters, R. Kelly and Nicole Richtie, to name a few. This hilarious photo drama was inspired by a group of queens cutting up in a Chinese restaurant. Just go there and read it; you'll get it and love it!

But back for a moment to my Pepper Fever... For a look at some the remarkable girls, check out these dazzling photos from
Sally's II.

To read a tight, inside story about the history of the "Houses" and some of the legendary ones who put Voguing on the map, click

For an update on the lastest incarnation of the drag balls, check out this
Village Voice piece, which captures the making of the long-awaited and recently completed documentary, titled How Do I Look. Directed by Wolfgang Busch, the film considered a "part two" of Paris Is Burning is available here.

How Do I Look is considered a modern day sequel to Paris Is Burning. Many of the legendary ball walkers are interviewed in the film which looks even more closely at the actual extra showmanship at the balls.
Last but not least: Let's stop "observating" and go to a real damned ball! Check out
Brooklyn Boy Blues for a calendar of upcoming events.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agree, Miss Labeija was and always will be the ultimate girl.

November 15, 2005  
Blogger heldenhobbit said...

I am a Jewish white boy from Canada, and I fucking love Paris is Burning, especially Pepper Labeija... She had real style and
was a great artist. Amen.

February 06, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

pepper labeija is more than just legendary she is certainly an inspiration to me. i am a straight black woman who saw paris is burning and i am so interested in these people. they are truly the real stars.

May 03, 2007  

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